Recreational/Therapeutic Riding

Recreational/Therapeutic riding’s unique benefits are derived from the transfer of movement from horse to rider. For people with special needs, riding can be a especially powerful and liberating experience.

Lessons include instruction in basic riding skills as well as opportunities for social interaction, recreation, sport, therapeutic, and work with basic developmental concepts. Activities exercise both “mind and muscle” and can produce improved mobility, balance, posture, coordination, language development, behavior control and concentration.


Horse & Me Life Skills Class (Students unable to ride with health issues or over 160 Pounds) 

Manna’s Hana offers people with special needs the opportunity to participate in non-riding activities that still incorporate therapeutic human-horse interaction. Our equine learning and barn education program is a hands on learning experience. Lessons are adapted to the students' abilities and can include ground training, equine first aid, grooming, identifying parts of the horse, and how to tack up, lead and lunge a horse. Other opportunities include pasture and barn maintenance.


                                                                                CAMP HANA Military Veteran's & 1st Responders Program 

"Caring about Military People" through the power of a horse is a six week program helping our military families see there is HOPE. The riding center provides a safe and peaceful environment for wounded military and veterans and first responders to share issues and fears.  They bond in a non-judgmental atmosphere with fellow veterans, the equines and volunteers. We offer our equine-assisted program FREE of charge to our heroes. We encourage spouses to join their husbands in the fall for the last 6 week session.


LAMBS TO LIONS - "L2L" Program

Manna's Hana will be beginning this program in October. The programs will be helping "Youth at Risk" dealing with bullying, anxiety, PTSD, loss of a loved one. The closed session is one hour for four weeks with a special instructors, horses and volunteers dedicated to helping these students see there is HOPE. The session is non-mounted. At the end of the four week session, the students will have the opportunity to ride a horse. (Students over 160 pounds will be allowed to assist other students.)

Helping Hands Volunteers

Manna’s Hana is often contacted by individuals and schools regarding volunteer opportunities for students in their vocational or special education programs.  The schools are usually seeking a regularly scheduled assignment that will offer life skills training as well as opportunities for social interaction. We created the Helping Hands Volunteer Program with this goal in mind.

Helping Hands volunteers come to Manna’s Hana Riding Center with their teachers or life skills coaches and assist us with projects such as gardening, paddock and barn maintenance, landscaping and many other tasks that are part of life on a horse farm.

Within the framework of the farm’s “to-do” list, we work with Helping Hands Volunteers and their supervisors to match project assignments to the volunteer’s skills and interests.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Stable Hands Volunteers

Manna’s Hana is often contacted by individuals and schools regarding volunteer opportunities for students needing service hours for scholarship programs. Because Manna's Hana is a non-profit, additional hands helping at the riding center is always welcome, hours are recorded and verified by the volunteer director.