While some of our volunteers have experience with horses or working with people with special needs, it is by no means a requirement. All of our volunteers, no matter their experience, attend an orientation to familiarize themselves with our safety and operational procedures. Without volunteers’ dedication, loyalty and hard work, it   would not be possible for us to fulfill our mission.  There are many individual reasons why people volunteer with us, but all provide the chance to join a thriving, nurturing community whose goal is to positively impact the lives of as many people with special needs as possible.  

All we need is your willingness to give of yourself and commit your time.


PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS: assist by leading horses or walking beside students (sidewalking) during classes. Horse leaders need a general knowledge of horses. Horse leaders may assist in preparing horses for classes (grooming and tacking) and are responsible for leading horses during class. Sidewalkers do not need horse experience. They are responsible for communicating with the students and offering them physical and emotional support. Program volunteers should be willing to commit to the same day and time each week and are required to attend our introductory volunteer orientation and training session.

STABLE HELP VOLUNTEERS: Stable Hands assist with general barn chores and work    directly with barn staff to care for the horses and get them ready for program (grooming/     tacking). Volunteers should be willing to commit to a specified, consistent period of time each week. Volunteers help with general maintenance, repairs and improvements of the facility,   including fence repair, manure management, and trail maintenance. They are required to attend     our introductory volunteer orientation and training session prior to beginning their work. 

PONYPAL VOLUNTEERS are experienced riders who have passed an evaluation qualifying them to help us school and exercise our horses when they are not working in the program.

HORSE & ME VOLUNTEERS:  assist students in our non-mounted life skills lessons. Students' abilities can include ground training, equine first aid, grooming, identifying parts of the horse, and how to tack up, lead and lunge a horse.

HELPING HANDS GROUPS: Manna’s Hana is fortunate to partner with corporate and civic groups seeking a meaningful volunteering experience. We welcome the help of local organizations and can assure you your efforts will have a lasting impact on the lives of deserving students. Most group volunteer efforts involve farm projects that we design to enhance our students' therapeutic experience, benefit our therapeutic horses or help us maintain a safe and beautiful environment at Manna’s Hana Riding Center. We are also open to discussing other project ideas with your group.

CAMP HANA MILITARY PROGRAM: "Caring about Military People" through the power of a horse is an eight-week program helping our military families see there is HOPE. The center provides a safe and peaceful environment for military and veterans to share issues and fears. They bond in a non-judgmental atmosphere with fellow veterans, the equines and former military volunteers. (Veterans over 160 pounds will be allowed to assist other veterans.) We offer our equine-assisted program FREE of charge to our heroes.

LAMBS TO LIONS - "L2L": Program helping "Youth at Risk" dealing with bullying, anxiety, PTSD, loss of a loved one. A closed session with a Certified Counselor, Equine specialist, horses and volunteers dedicated to helping these students see there is HOPE. Powerful yet gentle, perceptive yet without any judgment – horses can help at risk youth gain knowledge about their inherent strengths.  A horse does not care if you have dropped out of school, been in jail or if you are unpopular or have a learning disability…they only care about what you exhibit in the moment.  Horses are incapable of lying, cheating and manipulating. This alone sets a good example to teenagers because they soon realize that it is counterproductive to cheat, manipulate, or lie while engaged in activities with the horses. The horses provide an unconditional, non-judgmental and honest platform that is fundamental to healing the soul.

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: on an as-needed basis, Manna’s Hana also requires volunteer help with special events, administrative tasks and skilled work such as carpentry, sewing and photography.  Depending on the scope of the task(s), special-assignment volunteers may be asked to attend our introductory volunteer orientation and training session prior to beginning their work.


  1. The minimum age for Manna’s Hana program and barn volunteers is a mature 13 years old.  Please note that if you are a prospective teen volunteer, we want to hear directly from you about your interest in volunteering with us, either by phone, Facebook or email.
  2. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have paperwork signed by a parent or guardian prior to attending a volunteer training and participating in a program.
  3. Program volunteers must be available a minimum of one to two hours each week, on the same day and at the same time.  New volunteers receive their assignment and schedule following their attendance in a volunteer orientation and training session.  Volunteer assignments and schedules are based on interest, experience and availability.  The first session of volunteering is considered a trial period.
  4. All volunteer opportunities, program-related or otherwise, require attendance at our introductory volunteer orientation and training session.
  5. Volunteering in program involves moderate physical activity.  Please be sure you are comfortable with the physical aspects of the role you select.
  6. Due to the nature of the services we provide, Manna’s Hana reserves the right to make the final determination as to the appropriateness of any and all volunteers for our organization.

Bobbie Abell,
Jan 11, 2022, 8:29 AM