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We will start our relationship with all our potential students in an initial meeting where we meet the parent(s) and begin to discuss our goals, listen to the parent’s expectations and meet the horses (weather permitting). 

 A potential student must:

1.       Complete Participant Application Packet

2.       Meet with an instructor or therapist before being approved for the riding program.  Please note that we will work to serve as many students as we can but there may be limited spaces as our program within the community grows.  When that happens we will initiate a waiting list.

 Depending on the individual needs, a participant may be scheduled for either mounted or unmounted activities.  Our professional staff will be happy to discuss these options with you.  We are excited and pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.

         1.       Mission Statement: Manna’s Hana Riding Center is founded through love to provide recreational riding for individuals with special needs  (physical, emotional, social, or behavioral) by means              of equine-assisted activities.

2.      Policies and Procedures: We are teaching students, 4 years old and up fundamental horse care and recreational riding skills.  Our  horses can safely carry someone up to 160 pounds.                  Services are provided without discrimination; however, the program reserves the right to refuse services when the situation is deemed imprudent for medical, safety or other reasons.

3.      Diagnosed Condition: Precautions (Dr. Release); Contraindications (Dr. decision not appropriate for the individual)  

4.       Program Costs:  Horse & Me Life-Skills Lessons [non-mounted]= $25 per lesson ($200/8 weeks) 

                     Riding/Horse Care Lessons= $25 per lesson ($200/8 weeks)                                                               

5.       Required forms and documentation: Medical Release; Participant Application

6.       Required Equipment:  Riding helmet; Long pants; Boots or Soled Shoes (no tennis shoes or open toed shoes)

7.    Program Sessions:    Spring Session: April - May;  Summer Sessions: June – July;  Fall Session:  August - September;  Horse Show first Saturday in October 

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